Unsecured  - Trivia Challenge 

For this challenge, a web page with several access points are displayed. When we click on one of the access points it seems that we are connected to it. The username and password are the web administration interface of the router (aka 192.168.x.x).

To solve this challenge, we need to know the default password of each router. Well, Google is our friend! To get that, the good keywords to use is:

$the_name_of_the_router default password

Let's try to see if it works for the first router.

Yay! It worked! Now, we must repeat the procedure with other routers to get the full flag!

Router Name Default Username Default Password Piece of flag
3CP4130 admin 1234 FL
WRT54G2v1.5 admin admin AG_
MN-820 (blank) admin w*
RNX-EasyN4 admin password K9
VWR-11.4.0 user user !T
F5D7632-4 (blank) (blank) $5
DX-E401 admin (blank) ic
AAM6310 root root iD
WBMR-125G root (blank) 2z
CG814WGv3 superuser password l2

Here is the full flag: FLAG_w*K9!T$5iciD2Zl2