, secure any URL or Qr Code with a password! is a platform that respects the privacy of their users and allows you to encrypt and secure URLs or Qr Codes with a password.

When someone visits the encrypted link that you shared to a friend for example, the service will ask him for a password and then will be able to access it. This can be useful for publicly distributing links that you want to reserve only for certain people. Many torrent websites are using this (because yes you can also encrypt magnet links for example) or on some forums, but also on messaging systems that are not very reliable in terms of confidentiality.

Or you can also add such links in your favorites on the family computer and avoid curious people to find them.

If you want to try it, it's here:

The coolest thing about this project is that besides protecting URL's, is that you also have access to a dashboard to see statistical analytics on shared Qr Codes or URL's. And... it's totally free 😱!

Oh, and I forget! if there are developers among you, know that an API is also available for an easy integration in all your projects.